Hey team!

This last week has been pretty smooth, although a few of my PSP goals that were scheduled to happen did not get completed. Monday I was around my boss most of the day but it genuinely slipped my mind to talk to her about my promotion BC we were so present with teaching. I think if she knew I was wanting to talk she would have made time to chat but anyway I emailed that night to let her know my current thoughts and she said she wanted to talk about it again soon so stay tuned.

After she left, the plan was to get my hair colored by my co-educator but one of our students who I was supervising was still working on a model so it became clear that we were going to have to reschedule my hair. It was simply getting too late (we had been at the salon for 12 hrs by the time we locked up). So the PSP goal to have my hair done by June 15 needs to be pushed back. I declare it complete by June 30. Funny how I spend 5 days a week (10+ hrs a day) there and it’s difficult to make time for me. Whatever, Its BC I’m booked when I’m working and busy on my days off! What can I say- I’m attracting Abundance!

The self care goals are otherwise going well, although I realized last night that I couldn’t have been super connected to my final goal which was to lose 5-10lbs by June 30. I never even recorded my start weight so when I weighed in this morning I wasn’t totally sure where I’m at in progress. I guess I don’t really care about my actual weight to be honest. I just know that in LP we were taught to give a measurable goal. I can measure my mood and self worth, does that count? BC that’s the real reason I want to put me first and workout/eat healthy. And if that were what I’m measuring I really do feel I’m holding up my goals pretty well. I could definitely push harder, which is good to know!

I have guests coming into town this weekend …my babes best friend Matt (he is in our wedding). His GF Kimber is surprising him for his 30th day- he knows they’re going out of town but doesn’t know to where. I’m assembling an Oreo mint chocolate chip Ice cream cake tonight!! I can’t wait- I love surprises so much!!!

Also my LP (85) reunion is this Sunday …our first time getting together without Addy. Ugh. My heart just sank even writing it. My intention is to stay light and present with all of them & to send my breakthrough buddy Melissa off to LA in a positive manner. The reunion serves as a goodbye party for her as she prepares for her move! I’m thinking it will be perfect to bring Matt and Kimber (and even my fiancé) around people who have done this work- I wonder what influence we can be to them to bond more- from what I understand, they’re still battling some trust issues within their relationship.

Other news is that today in our staff meeting, we were talking about what changes we each made in our lifestyle after fundraising for earth month last month & I shared that I’m recycling a bunch of magazines when I host my vision board event this month. When I shared, my boss offered for me to use the garden out back as my venue! I’m so super stoked about this! Now just need to source tables and pick date and time! Wahoo! All is moving along swimmingly- More info coming soon.

I’m so grateful that I stuck with this group. Thanks for giving me a platform to share my thoughts, dreams and progress. It’s been super valuable thus far!

Much love, until next week~~~~


One thought on “Swimmingly

  1. So much goodness here, and feeling it all come from here:
    “I’m booked when I’m working and busy on my days off! What can I say- I’m attracting Abundance!”
    This is what’s going on throughout your life when you tune into abundance – opportunities at work, time with friends, occasions you love, reunions, space for your event and more!
    So glad you stuck with us too!


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