The most valuable assets to manage

You know the answer, it’s about time.

I recently got married, so we’re starting to do a combined budget. Mind you, I’ve never done a personal budget before. But now we’ve got plans for the future and we need to know how much money we have, how much is coming in, and how much we need to reach out goals. As I’m sitting here thinking of my monthly expenses, I had a realization about time.

I’m not good at time management, to say the least. I procrastinate, make excuses, and fall down the rabbit hole of binge watching pretty much anything. A also always feel like there are better uses of my time, but I don’t have anything concrete in mind. Now, I’ve heard some strategies of time management before. How I should primarily be doing productive work and then reward myself with frivolous stuff when I accomplish a milestone. Or, how I should schedule my activities throughout the day, so that my time isn’t wasted. There are probably other strategies out there as well. They never really sink in though. Sure, they sound feasible, but even if I start with one for a while, they haven’t stuck.

Something about making a budget has struck home, however. I’ve got a limited resource and I have plans on how to use it. I won’t be able to accomplish those plans if I use the resource in other ways. One of the binge shows is dealing with just that issue. They can’t pay for a party because they ran out of money. Well, we’re all running out of time, that’s just life. I don’t want to spend my minutes on frivolous items, when I can pay off much more fulfilling ones with those same minutes. Not to mention, some of those minutes can be used to raise more money, so that I can pay for the physical items I want as well.

After making this realization in this way, it seems like something has clicked in my head. I’ve been a lot more productive at work today. I’m also freeing up my head-space for more productive thinking, instead of mindless consuming of other people’s content. Sure, there can be value to decompressing by enjoying a show, or a game. However, there is a point where that starts to dig into the time budgeted for productivity. Heck, even if the goal is to maximize pleasure, to which indulging in an activity like playing a game, or watching videos might seem like the way to reach the goal. In my experience, however, at some point that starts to feel more like a compulsion and less like enjoyment.

Having goals, making plans, feeling accomplished.

It’s about time.


One thought on “The most valuable assets to manage

  1. Damn Daniel…wow!

    “something has clicked in my head…making plans, feeling accomplished.”

    That’s such a huge mental shift and it’s always great to note what it is that created the realization for you. I remember when I was stuck in my job search a few years back and things connected for me during Basic in such a deep way about the way I was prioritizing all the crap in my life over all the things I wanted to create.

    This is an incredible opportunity for you and I can’t wait to see what you create from this space!


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