Flexibility and the art of being Bendy

Theme of today is to be ok and actually strive to be flexible…at times anyways.  I am excited to report that I am improving on being flexible with my goals. While I recognize it is a fine line we walk between being flexible with our goals and not being level 5 committed and stretching and risking,  for me my nerd is to be rigid with my goals and my word and to self beat up afterwords and not give myself credit for things that I was taking on aka life.

For example if I set a goal, and I realize that the completion date is coming up. I start getting an anxiety if its not perfect or what I imagined it to look like and I give my self no flexibility to adjust the goal or plan based on unforseen circumstances.  In the beginning of the cycle I would even catch myself in self beat up talk to myself that I was a loser how could I  not keep to a simple schedule of waking up an hour and a half earlier to  study? Anyone can keep this promise to themself…and I could not? Clearly something was wrong with me.

I am proud to say and acknowledge myself from moving away from this self beat up mode an instead to acknowledging myself for all that I am doing and taking on despite other circumstances or things that happen outside of my goals. Is my study plan being adhered to perfectly? no? Am I dealing with taking care of my Dad, working in my business and on a new relationship while traveling between two cities? Yes. Am, I making steady progress towards my goals and adjusting where I see necessary Yes. Am I getting better at not being attached to the outcome?  Can I hear an Amen!

So for the remainder of the cycle, towards my first goal I am adjusting my study time to 2 hours a day and giving myself the freedom to not block out everything else going in my life just to meet this 2 hour plan.  With the second checkpoint coming up next week I aim to be just at the point I declared with material covered.

As for my second goal, making people feel special. I have done well at this. During the process I have also recognized how people can not feel special when we don’t show them how much they mean to us. Even more reason to be present with the words I use.  Now it’s time to plan what I will do next on the special front! Have a great weekend everyone.

I felt myself drifting away from the group last week. I want to acknowledge I did not write my blog post last week and I recognize the impact it has on the group and myself. I want to acknowledge Josh for being amazing and reaching out to get me back on board. This is clearly against my goal of making people feel special.  You guys are all special to me and I feel at my best around you all. I may have slipped but did not fall…..













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