VT: Goal achieved. So what’s next?

Hey loves.

So I got a job. Not just any job. But a dream job at a dream company. The type of job that sets the foundation for a long and prosperous career.

I was recently listening to Hidden Brain and they did a podcast on back up plans. The gist of it is when you have a safety net, you are not as motivated to attain your goals.

I realize that most of my big achievements are predicated on this notion. I generally go out and a limb and make it happen because, well simply put, it had to. I gave myself no other choice.

When I aligned that with my vision- I manifested EXACTLY what I wanted. Almost chilling it’s so spot on.

The biggest take away that I’ve gotten from this experience is that VISION IS EVERYTHING. When you get clear on what it is that you want to achieve and work on it each day- even in the smallest way- you are poising yourself for that success.

You never know when certain things will pan out, but you can continue to work on yourself to make you more accessible to it. I’ll be writing and recording a Toastmaster’s speech on these past few weeks. So stayed tuned for that post.

What I’m up to now?

  • Buddy date with Emily (can’t wait!)
  • Draw My Future (again b/c it worked WONDERS last time)
  • Participating in MarketingWeekNYC, so that should be interesting
  • Scheduling some in person coffees with other event marketers to get a leg up on the practice
  • Typing up my notes from my interviews to establish a baseline of responsibilities and goals
  • Getting my hair and nails did
  • Buying my new stylish startup casual clothing



4 thoughts on “VT: Goal achieved. So what’s next?

  1. So much energy here! Yes Vision is key! You definitely inspire me more to practice the work as they say..! Cant wait for the Toastmasters Speech!


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