Hadar – Week 4…Oddest Consistency

Hadar making up my blog post from Sunday – we had a three day holiday (technically Shabbat plus 2 more days, but the net impact is 3) and today is the first opportunity I’ve had to blog.

What I’ve discovered so far this cycle is that – contrary to my previous view of myself – I AM consistent:

I gave charity everyday (except over the holiday -> can’t handle $); I made it to synagogue nearly every day; I kept up with Daf Yomi in the aggregate even if I didn’t get through the correct page on the actual day.

So far, that’s been my result nearly every week. That’s pretty fantastic from a consistency point of view.

On the other hand, I’m not yet satisfied with my results, so now I get to redouble my efforts with the last couple of weeks approaching. I get to exercise as I declared, I get to learn every day, as I declared, and I get to create the consistency that I actually intended.

Aside from my stats and my PSP, I have to say that I just got back from an absolutely fantastic three-day holiday weekend. 14 of us (including a few others from PSPLife) trekked out to PA to stay at a small lake for the holiday and I had a terrific time.

I’m even proud of my reaction on Friday before we left when some people thought about cancelling due to circumstances surrounding the ride there and back. Taking the feedback in stride, I sourced another car for everyone and we were right as rain.

As much as I enjoy being a promoter, there are times when my controller side comes out, and there were moments this weekend when I started to second-guess or felt myself start to exert control. Overall I was able to let that emotion pass and trusted the group to handle circumstances as people saw fit…and wow did this group respond, handling admin chores including clean up -> in true LP fashion, we left the grounds cleaner than we found them upon arrival.

To return to my earlier point, now is the time to finish strong – looking forward to a great next few weeks!


One thought on “Hadar – Week 4…Oddest Consistency

  1. It sounds like you have a lot of good things going on. Definitely room for some Celebration as Tamika noted! It seems that you have implemented a lot into your life. Do you feel you are getting the most out of Daf Yomi? What kind of support do you need for the fitness part? Was it just that you were busy. Do goals like marathons push you? I recall that the last cycle you were on it and motivated to exercise.


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