Accountability and Communication

Last week was quite eventful with the trade show that I participated in.    Things became much clearer with the new company that I am working with in addition to providing for a lot of great new opportunities.   (During the past couple of days in the land of PSP Life there has been a lot of discussion on support – giving support as well as receiving it).  I am now part of a bigger network which allows for opportunities to support in both directions –  me offering support as well as receiving support.  This opportunity allows me to be more  accountable and to communicate authentically and frequently.  I get to communicate with the team so that we can also coordinate our efforts.

The new group provides a lot of opportunities for me, my company and the entire group to grow  (win/win). At the same time there are more requests and requirements.  This company has their own CRM and reporting tools.  Although initially there is some extra work – I  really welcome this as this system will allow for the right planning, and to create the right parameters for growth. The more systematic and authentic communication I share the better the result. The main partner K keeps on saying — for every action there is a reaction.  I firmly believe this.

As the new business gets ramped up we have been working to use our systems effectively. For example we have been working on how best to place orders.  The new partner K has been asking for a lot of different things. There are times that I feel disappointed in myself if something is not complete even if its not easy to do so.  However, there is an understanding that there is a ramp up time.  The most important thing right now is to be up front in communicating status, occurring world, and next steps so that we can all plan accordingly.   Being up front allows everyone to share. Unfortunately there are times that I say that I am further ahead of something than I actually am and in the end this does not do me much service.  I get to work on this more both in relations to work and in my social life as well.

I am still working on improving the processes so that I can make more connections with both existing customers and new prospects.  Emily has been quite helpful in this area. Eugene has been providing insight and support as well!  I believe that we are on the right track.

The past month has been really focused on work but I will make a bigger effort to be more balanced.  I would like to get into a good routine in planning my weekends and free time better so that I can really enjoy the summer months without guilt.  I get to reach out for support to help plan more effectively.


This part was written on Wednesday morning. – My blogging day is Tuesday.

My blog post was scheduled for Tuesday and I knew all day that I should write it.  I actually thought of posting on Sunday night instead – I could have written it and then posted it.  I will write more later but this week was filled with Accountability and Communication.  I have learned that being in communication and upfront with status is key.  Last night I intended to write my post but honestly fell asleep writing it.  I was going to get up  and sneak the post  in which is not good either. I am going to have a more detailed post by midnight tonight explaining.  I get to be upfront with my status with the posts and other things in my life.



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