Valuable relationship lesson from the oldest book

I learned a great lesson in relationships this weekend from a book that was being taught from. You might have heard of it, it’s called the Bible. It’s no Harry Potter, but it’s well written. There is a scene where the people are offered the Torah by G-d and they respond, “we will keep [the laws] and we will listen [to them].”

Now, I had always been taught that the people accepted the laws before they had ever listened to them once. Blindly, if you will. Well, I took another look at the text and I came to realize that this wasn’t the case. The people had actually heard the words of the Lord before they accepted.

Well then, what’s the big deal? Someone tells you something and you agree, or disagree. In this case, the people agreed. Not so groundbreaking a concept. Where is the lesson here? As we know, nothing in the bible is written without purpose.

Here is the lesson I learned.


When the people say, “we will do”, they’re not saying, “we understand”. They’re saying, “we trust that what you just told us makes sense, so we’ll do it.” They’ll worry about understanding it later. And we’re tasked to understand it throughout the rest of our history.

So, just as getting into interpersonal relationships help us understand what it means to love another, therefore understanding better how to understand G-d. Perhaps our relationship with G-d teaches us how to be in relationships on earth. Listen to your partner. Trust your partner. Do what you’re asked, even if you don’t understand why. The why can come later. If both partners approach the relationship with this level of trust and commitment to each other, then they will truly find paradise in partnership.


3 thoughts on “Valuable relationship lesson from the oldest book

  1. I’ve re-read this a few times and this reminds me to a time sometime back (actually 13 years ago) when I was dating someone who used to highlight some of this. She really taught me the concept of “we” and trust in relationships. As much as I thought I was, I was not trusting enough to understand the concept. When we talked about marriage she was always highlighting “we” and truly embraced it. I was not ready for it but learned a lot. Thank you!


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