Create the context and set up for success

It’s a pretty strategic move writing my blog posts on Friday – the day when I don’t work and when a full weekend lies ahead. No matter how exhausted I am or how behind I am on my goals, I typically have rose-colored glasses on by the time I write my post. While I love my job, I love the weekend even more!! But take this as a lesson – set yourself up for success. Create the best context to succeed at all times.

So, before the rose-colored glasses set in, as in 10 min ago, I was lamenting how TIRED I am. We geniusly decided to stay out last night until 1:30 am and then I remembered I had an 8 am meeting this am. After some back and forth about whether I wanted to bow out, and Hadar asking me what the responsible thing was to do, I decided to keep my word. Mainly because I HATE not keeping my word. It feels totally foreign to me. And I’m glad I went, and now I’m glad I’m home.

Another whirlwind week. We had the most incredible weekend last weekend in PA for the Jewish holiday, with 14 of us in 2 cottages on a beautiful lake. It was fun and relaxing with great food and fresh air, and 3 am Cards Against Humanity. Got home at 2 am and went right into our Staff Days the next morning. The cool thing was, though I run my organization I hardly planned a thing. My team planned it, and as a result was super bought into the program. I led a few sessions but all were very involved. And a nice accomplishment was that during a few visioning sessions I saw HUGE visions for my organization. While in the past and during LP I felt like I lacked vision and only succeeded in operations, I have stepped into my power and begun to trust my capacity to dream. I am jazzed about the future.

Despite a crappy AirBnb we had a great time and I got back yesterday. Went right into an engagement party, a quick walk along the water in LIC (next time I’ll get to be with you, Jill!), and drinks with friends of Hadar’s. Today, lots of meetings and now getting ready for shabbat.

So I was home for about 7 waking hours this week, and didn’t do any KonMari/decluttering work. Luckily our apartment is now such a mess that I have all the motivation I need to move forward. Task this weekend: the living room. Also, I spent a few hours at my colleague’s parents’ house in NJ and was sooo inspired by their gorgeous decor and fun home. I have no imagination when it comes to design so it inspired me to think about adding some pieces to our apartment.

For my other goal, health and balance, I didn’t do great. Was off routine, not eating a great diet, not moving much, and taking very little time to myself. Ryssel suggested I include a non-negotiable ritual every day for myself, which I love, but I haven’t yet determined what that will be. Suggestions welcome.

Looking forward to regrouping this weekend. We have very few plans and were just invited to a beach/BBQ day on Sunday. While my first thought was ‘I don’t want to get in a car again, I just want to stay put…’, it’s also fun and relaxing to go to the beach. So I could be convinced. I also just noticed that I have an expiring groupon to Spa Castle by the end of the month! (long story). So I’ll be going sometime next week!!

Looking ahead to a strong end of cycle for all, and glamma night/closing meeting next week.


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