Loving those that hurt you

Today was a true step of taking actions based on my commitments not my feelings. Today is my last day in Texas so I decided  to be all instead of planning my escape.

As you know one of my goals is to make people feel special. With Father’s day around the corner I got to shop today for my father and my current (possibly ex soon) boyfriend. Both of these people have done some things that have hurt my feelings this week.

My dad lashed out at me yesterday in the car. To give context he was just diagnosed with dementia this year. We were in the car and he was convinced that the name of the burger he wanted was “Madrid”.  Mind you I had just mentioned that my friends went to Chirs Madrid’s last night for burgers. So, you can see where my Dad got the part of the restaurant name stuck in his head as the name of the burger he wanted to order at Whataburger. After telling my Dad that there was no such “Madrid” on the menu and instead asking him if he wanted a # 1, or # 2 with bacon and cheese. He just lost it and yelled at me not to act stupid and ask the guy on the intercom if they had the “Madrid”.  So, I did ….. and of course with no such “Madrid” on the menu I proceeded to order a #1 with cheese.  It is no fun to get yelled at for something as silly as this.

As for my boyfriend who may be my ex soon. He is going through some tough time with money and balancing kids and me and work. He  is lacking confidence so he has basically done a 180 on me from being the sweetest most attentive guy to a jelous snappy guy who is distancing himself. Basically, he told me that I am a distraction and right now he is going through to much and needs to focus on getting his life back together. As a result, hehas been shutting me out and has only seen me once this week and now text “once in a while” instead of our previous talking and spending time together daily.

Did these two guys hurt me? Yes Did they mean to? I doubt it. Does it change the fact that I was hurt? no. I know that they are both doing the best they can do right now.

I got my Dad some awesome fathers day slippers he asked for and will be bringing over cake to have with him tomorrow. I called my boyfriend and told him how I thought he was a great dad and the qualities that I like about him are what make him such. (Thanks Jill for the suggestion) and then sent him a gift card for some shorts he had been wanting.

The takeaway is that I can choose to continue to make people feel special even if I’ve been hurt. I  still get that feeling that is unreplaceable when you make the other feel that they are special and out of this world.






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