Off Track

I got off track this week.  I think it was partly due to the introduction of a new stressor (the apartment) and some complacency/self-sabotage.  I tend to derail myself once I start succeeding.  I was over my calories every day this week for the first time.   I did make it to spin again on Wed morning and then yoga Friday morning but that is it.   And zero movement on my CV/teaching portfolio.  Awareness is the first step I suppose….

Anyway, the apartment that I looked at in Emily’s building has been on my mind a lot.  I have learned a lot about the whole process of buying so am not stressed about that  aspect anymore.  Now I need to make a decision about whether I want to make an offer.  It’s making me have to think about future things like, do I want to make my already long commute even longer, if I go ahead and have a baby would this apartment work (I think yes), and then combined….do I want to be commuting for 2 hours a day with a baby waiting for me at home?  It’s hard to know bc I don’t even know how all of that will pan out (I also froze my eggs a few years ago and have been considering single motherhood within the next year or so, but don’t know if I will have any success and with just 6 eggs to work with).  And the apartment needs work (bathroom renovation at the very least among other less pressing things) so there would be that to take on.  But I keep coming back to what a great space it is and what a good neighborhood and Emily living right downstairs and then I just think….yes!  Do it!  And then the other stuff comes up, and round and round it goes in my head.

My strategy going into the week will be to review the co-op board’s policy on allowed time to resale and what is involved with doing renovations in the building.  I am planning to compose an offer letter and have it reviewed by a broker for appropriateness and see how it feels to get another step closer to making this happen for real.

Somehow in all of this I am going to get myself back on track with my actual PSP goals this cycle as well.

Here’s to a new week!








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