Pop the bubble

I have to thank my buddy this week.

I have been reluctant to take action on one of my goals this entire cycle. The OWTFDWIT wasn’t there. I came up with excuses and reasons and stories, but no action. It felt like I was in a big bubble. I was safe, sure, but I was floating in nothing. Thoughts about taking action just slipped away across the soapy skin in a swirl of distracting colors. Other things have been happening, sure, but safe things. Things that fit into the bubble. Not the things that I committed to outside of it.

So, I spoke to my buddy. As we have every week. And I explained my distress. And she gave me a push. And the bubble popped. And now I’m looking ahead, with no soapy skin to block my vision. And you know what… I didn’t need that safe bubble after all. Reality isn’t that scary once you take that first step. And now I can see what my next step needs to be, because my vision is clear.

Listen to my buddy. Take the first step. The next step will follow. It always does.

Pop the bubble.


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