Falling Into Place

The past few weeks since the tradeshow things are beginning to fall into place.  The new company and I are really beginning to work more closely.  We are doing more prospecting; inquiries are coming in; orders are also starting to happen as well.  Everyone has been really supportive and I am doing my best to be resourceful in making sure I cover all bases before asking questions.  There is more protocol and I am beginning to understand this as well. I keep reminding myself that this is a good opportunity for me if we strategize and execute effectively. I have spent the past four year establishing some good contacts with some good products and now have the chance to really increase sales with both existing and new customers.  I am fortunate to be able to provide a bunch of new products to happy existing customers.  However, I do get to prospect with some new customers.  Emily has been very supportive of me as I am working to decrease the amount of time I spend on administrative tasks and more on sales/business development.  This is a work in process and  we are making progressing!  Toward the end of the week and into the next week I get to plan more customer visits to introduce new products and not worry about everything having to be perfect.

I get to be a little more organized in planning my schedule!  Some of it is related to my apartment and how I plan my day. I am fortunate to have energy in the morning and get to the gym at an early hour. (On the opposite end I am not a night person as I am a bit tired writing this. Ideally, I should bring my work clothes, computer, etc. with me and head to work right after going to the gym.  However, I usually end up coming back to my apartment.  My unorganized apartment combined with coming back is not an effective use of my time..  I know that I usually do better when I bring everything to the gym and then head straight to my remote office right after the gym.  This is something I get to work on.  I believe Angela spoke about a routine being very important.  Not having a good routine can be detrimental to a career.  Coming back to my apartment can set me back for two hours sometimes.

I really enjoyed my time with Angela, Naomi and Jana (in spirit) for our small group meeting held on Tuesday night.  Angela and Naomi have on their PSP to be more organized.  I was very inspired by them.  Naomi and Angela spoke about strategies for cleaning up, like KonMari, etc.  Being more organized with my papers is something I get to reach out for support and guidance.  A lot of this really just requires some focusing a little bit each day or week.



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