Not in the mood . . .

To blog. So I’ll be brief. No significant movement on the career front. I’m trying to not be too hard on myself about that.

Feeling conflicted about the men in my life (for a change). I’m getting different messages from my gut, my heart and my mind. It’s not easy to know when to listen to which. I just ended things with the new guy I’ve been seeing.  I was feeling like I “should” see him again but found myself not wanting to and decided not to ignore that. And I’m seeing the previous guy again (despite the legal stuff and all the reasons not to, I miss him and am giving myself the space to explore that). I’m still feeling the ongoing challenge to trust myself. At least I’m feeling, and not just thinking.


One thought on “Not in the mood . . .

  1. I totally hear you. Were more brief and eloquent than I was, but I am asking the same questions: when do I listen to my heart vs. gut vs. brain? How do these ‘should’s effect me? Sending you love and clarity!


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