VT: The Universe says I’m ready

So this is the week before I start my new job and I feel like it’s the busiest week I’ve had in a while.

Life is going full tilt on all cylinders and I think it’s because I created it and am ready for it.

BC is rebranding and designing a new website as well as stepping up our content creation game. Also a lot of strategic partnerships have been happening.

F just hired our head chef and a spot at a culinary incubator (I played a HUGE role in reeling him and BKFW in). We are hoping to launch by late summer.

NM has turned to me to assist in event production for it’s 2017 event series. I’m also looking to find a way to moderate at their upcoming conference.

PSPLife has been poppin’ and is wrapping up and it’s amazing all that we’ve created and shared and learned together.

I just gave my 10th speech at Toastmasters which was something I joined because of PSPLife and received an award for Outstanding Toastmaster of the year yesterday! So proud of this accomplishment.

It’s amazing to see how much I can handle. And yes, while I am tired- I am feeling pretty fulfilled. And all of this was born of so many seeds that I’ve planted in previous cycles as well as current ones.

I’m proud to say my goal of being a natural networker is paying off and is slowly being ingrained into me. It’s cool!

I think that for this next cycle (already forward thinking!) that I’m going to focus on health and fitness, as well as growing my public speaking passion.

Hard work + vision = Results

I’m going to make that a t-shirt.


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