Spa It Up

It’s Naomi blogging from hkweiss’s…time is short and shabbat is just about here! Just got home from a day at the spa with Vanessa and Eliane which was pretty awesome…love the spontaneity and connection and relaxation! It as actually one of my goals this cycle.

Overall it’s been a great cycle. V and I were talking today about how the goals are only a part of it, and for me, not even the main driving factor for doing PSPLife. It’s about the community of support, being around people who speak your language and are committed to living a life of authenticity and no regrets. The structure allows us to hold people high and accountable and encourages us to do the same for ourselves. So it’s been a great cycle. And it’s not over!

I’m proud of the strides I made with decluttering, with more to do. My small group committed to each taking on some decluttering this Sunday. Starting to feel more peace in my space at home. And in my goal of emotional/physical balance and self-care I did some good measures, brought back my morning routine/5 min yoga and of course still have more to go!

Up next – GLAMOUR night! Love my PSPLadies. Shabbat shalom, all. To a great last (half) week and see you Monday!



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