Hadar – stats week 6

Hey team –

Had a great day today…made it to prayers this morning, got in a short run, and then made all three engagements on our plate: an engagement party in Monsey, NY (where I caught up with my 10th grade math teacher), a baby celebration in Riverdale, and a birthday bash in Atlantic Beach out in Long Island. 

A long day and a wonderful day and I’m definitely a bit dehydrated. I’m also proud of myself for making a completely random decision to go off of carbs for the next 6 days (starting yesterday afternoon through Friday afternoon)…as I mentioned, I’ve been feeling heavy and so it’s a way to kickstart healthier eating habits. 

Despite the plethora of unceasing cookies, cakes, cupcakes, crackers, breads, beer and other, I didn’t touch any of it…and feeling better because of it. This week may be trying, but I can do it for a week, and see how I’m feeling.

(Side note, Naomi made fun of me throughout the day for eating things that she claims have carbs, like drinking sangria. Undoubtedly she’s right, but you won’t hear me say that.)

I also asked Brandy last week if she wounds how e how to use the machines in our gym as I have no clue – now I just need to set up a time that works. 

Lastly, I had a conflict arise for me regarding tomorrow night, and while I’d love to be with you, here’s the situation.

After Addy passed away, a few of us were sharing and I was inspired by some of the others. I declared to staff as soon as my schedule permitted, which is for this coming Advanced (Jul 6-10).

As I don’t know the group, there was a request that I support the Basic grads in choosing powerfully with their next step at tomorrow’s ALI.

While I would love to be at both meetings, I feel that the responsible thing to do is to show up where I can make a difference in people’s lives.

While that may happen at the PSPLife cycle close, I know it will happen at ALI, and so I will be missing tomorrow night’s cycle. 

Looking forward to hearing about it from all y’all!


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