Just Under The Wire

Ten minutes left in the day for me to blog on time.  I was tempted not to bother….”it’s too late….it doesn’t matter….no one cares anyway…it’s the last day…”  All interesting parallels to how I can tend to operate and how I can look at approaching accomplishing what I would like to outside of this structure/cycle, which is nearing its end.   I would like to transition this to being accountable to myself, because that’s what matters most.  Can I be my own best advocate, my own best friend.

I did not achieve all of my goals in this cycle.  So now the cycle ends, if I don’t join the next one, will I still hold myself accountable.  To…myself?

I want to think yes.  I declare it.  Yes!

Thanks to everyone in this group for directly or indirectly getting me to look at what I want for myself and working towards making it happen….one day at a time.




One thought on “Just Under The Wire

  1. Love the declaration! And the idea of being your own advocate and your own best friend. It’s never too late to take yourself on and be accountable PSPLife cycle or not. I’m still game to help you put together your work portfolio whenever you are ready to take it on :).


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