It’s the Experience.

Last night I missed my post.  I am grateful for the chance to share. However, for some reason I didn’t feel like writing and I felt that I was not capable of writing something coherent.  I usually enjoy blogging and I get to plan my time better. I enjoyed Cycle 7 and enjoy the community.  I have truly learned that PSPLife is about what I make of it.  Yes, I commit to goals and milestones and it’s up to me to work toward them.  Yes the group may offer support; question; and/or offer advice but in the end, the experience is up to me. The community and support is here no matter what.
I realized that there is so much opportunity and resources among us and it’s really beneficial to connect with everyone on an individual level.  I have never regretted reaching out on an individual level to both Long Time  Lifers and New Lifers alike.  In the closing meeting, I was asked if I would  consider making a non work goal more of a focus on my PSP  and if I did, what would the goal  be?  I have considered this and will think about some different goals for future cycles!   I also enjoyed being Inspiration Captain, and  I recommend doing it!
Thanks H for being a cool buddy. I liked our talks and meeting you during the cycle – You definitely inspire me to be more active in Advanced. Thanks A, J, and N – I  enjoyed our small group chats and meetings- I always love your perspectives!  I even got some inspiration to declutter..   TC – Nice to see that you are making strides with the music.  F- I was so inspired by your blog post we connected over.  MG- It has been nice to get to know you more. EP -It’s nice to work with you toward a win-win.  TJ – We are getting there and the final product will be awesome. B- I always appreciate your support. SA- I loved the midday workouts. ED- I always learn a lot from you..   JF- I appreciate your honesty and pushing through.      RG- Nice to see you at the final meeting and I always love your energy. AW- I was inspired by your energy and accomplishments at the end of the cycle.  JG- I always learn a lot from your shares.  We have some similarities in how we do things.. RT- I am always blown away by your “200+ of my closest friends” parties/fundraisers. TO- I always love your energy even via webcam!  It’s so awesome that you are pursuing your dreams particularly as a makeup artist.
Thanks for the support!  Looking forward to keeping in touch!

One thought on “It’s the Experience.

  1. I love this post, Scott!– I think it’s beautiful that you acknowledged everyone in the cycle. Thanks for reaching out and checking in on me during this cycle. 🙂



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