Here we are! Cycle 8

Here we go!  My Major Goal is to Trust my Intuition/Gut and to be completely honest I prefer to talk about my Minor Goal tonight.  My minor goal is to utilize meditation and breathing techniques in my day to day life.  I sometimes get a little impatient when things don’t go my way.  Honestly I am comfortable with big things.  It’s the little things like when the computer or network is not working. First world problems… Anyway many have suggested using the app Headspace and I don’t know if this will be enough for me.  I am open to trying it none the less.

There is a class being offered that I am considering doing.

Meditation in Everyday Life (Bring a Friend and Pay Half Price) 

 It starts on November 2nd and meets every Wednesday for 5 weeks. Anyone interested?  Has anyone taken this?  I get to check on the policy for missing classes but I believe they record them and we can listen to them on our own.

Back to the Major Goal, I am committed to sharing in smaller doses throughout the week as it will allow me to focus on what is coming up for me.  Happy Tuesday!



3 thoughts on “Here we are! Cycle 8

  1. I really like the idea of taking of mindfulness meditation class! At the moment I have work conflicts two of the five nights, so that class won’t work for me.
    If you hear of another class (and I can look for some later tonight as well), I’m happy to join you!
    Good luck with these goals, really love that you’re chasing after them.
    When you can, would love to hear about the Major goal as well.


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