What grit looks like

Last Tuesday I had a second interview with an organization I really loved.  The team accidentally said things at the end like, “you would be a perfect fit here” and “this is your desk”.  I felt feeling very optimistic. Today I got an email that they loved me and if I ever needed anything to let them know… but they were going with a more experienced individual.  I almost cried at the prospect of telling people. There is a lot of disappointment here, intertwined with shame.  It’s a big dissappointment and also, I know what to do. Tonight and tomorrow and the day after that I will just keep doing what I know to do.  That will always be changing.  I will always be learning and discovering and evolving.  Some day soon an organization will be lucky to hire me.  

I’m starting off this cycle a bit slow, as I was waiting to complete my PSP until I heard about this job… but my revisions will include professional development goals related to my job search.  

Thanks team.


6 thoughts on “What grit looks like

  1. I am sorry to hear about the job. I do hope you find time to be sad, without the shame.

    That being said, I am so proud of you, Em. It’s not so much what happens, as much as how you respond to it.

    Someone will be lucky to have you on staff.


  2. Oy Em, my heart crushed a little to spend for you, I’m so sorry to hear about this. I know it’s hard to think about the fact that they did love you as a candidate since ultimately they wouldn’t another direction, however it means you make a great impression.
    Not that I doubt that, knowing you, but there’s another level of confirmation from those you meet and interview with.
    It sounded like the job searching group got off to a strong start last night & could be a great support for you.
    You’re fantastic and would make an amazing addition in so many companies, but you get to figure out which is the one that you want to be at – which is the one that’s going to be lucky enough to get you.
    Perfect timing for a PSPLife cycle!


  3. Please don’t be ashamed, Em — they clearly liked you and it seems like the only reason why they chose the other candidate was b/c of experience, which you’re building as we speak. I think that the universe has bigger plans in store for you and I can’t wait to hear about it when it happens!



  4. Hey boo. I know the feeling. And I love that you are choosing to not let this derail you. It’s important that you keep charging on. Friend them all on LinkedIn and keep it moving.


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