My first blog =)

I’m both excited and annoyed as I write my first entry ever.  Annoyed because I didn’t know where to go to write a post and had to look through a number of emails and documents before figuring out to come here.  Excited because, well, this is my first time and you know they say you never forget your first.  😉

Ok, goals and stats.  Major goal is new job and minor goal is health and fitness.

This week I went jogging once.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  It still hurt.  Along the way I passed by Brooklyn Boulders and I think I may buy an intro package.  Always wanted to try indoor rock climbing.  After being sore for the past days I think I’m ready to go at it again.  Also need to start my crunches and planks exercises.  Oh, the resistance!

Went to the doctor and ended up with a prescription for steroids.  It’s not what you think; You’re not going to suddenly see my ripped like a WWF star or anything.  It’s to relax my muscle tension that I believe is causing my frequent migraines.  Got a six-day regimen; today is Day 2.  I’ve cut out coffee entirely.  I’m putting less than a packet of sugar in my daily tea and consuming about 3-4 servings of fruit daily.

I applied for 1 job so far.  Spoke to 2 recruiters.  And went thru a number of postings on LinkedIn.  I’ll be spending the rest of the weekend filling out more applications.

Ok, this concludes my first entry.  Done is better than perfect.  Maybe I’ll find a way to spruce up my following entries.

Have an amazing weekend everyone!


2 thoughts on “My first blog =)

  1. Great job in getting in your first post!!
    As you’ll see, there are a ton of different styles to how people write, and you’ll figure this out as you go.
    Glad to hear you’re off and running (pun intended) with your goals and BB sounds like fun!
    I’ve cut out caffeine a few times, this time around its been close to 6 months, but I’m not militant about it. That said, I feel the impact every time I have it and it sometimes makes my heart race in a way it didn’t when I had it more regularly. It will be interesting to hear the impact you feel over the next few months.

    One request – share a little more of the journey if anything is coming up or any resistance – happy to celebrate your wins, also here for support.

    Lastly, anyone from your network you spoke with? I remember you said M helped you get this current role – who else might help you find the next one?


  2. Yay CY! Brooklyn Boulders is super fun, cool, and zen. You’ll be bound for a 6 pack for sure!

    Also- I don’t believe in shooting off a million applications- just the right ones at the right time. There is a shadow job market where unposted jobs exist and those are the ones you want. Start talking to people in addition to recruiters! xoxo


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