Mayor goal; Beliefs . Minor goal; self disciple

This is so annoying; still taking me so much work to do,this social media things.  Well it’s a stretch as well, I need to upgrade my self in diferent areas.

but it’s my first Blog as well, I’m  happy about it. This week has been so much emotional pressure. I didn’t work this week. My mind and body asked me to take the whole week off.  On Monday morning I woke up and feel not showing up at work. I decide to spend time looking, analyzing, and thinking what’s next for me. I love my job, I love what I do. But I’m wondering there something great out there for me. So far I still have nothing yet, but I’ll figure out, very soon what’s the opportunities I have.

Discipline; this is a very new vocabulary as new thing to my mind, brain. I having very hard time to start working in this area. So many distraction in my mind, so hard to focus. But I’m looking forward to own this talent. This week I didn’t do what I suppose to do in order to start gradually working on my goal.

everyday is getting so uncomfortable to think about my beliefs, about my own personality. I always looking a excuse not to talk about myself and not doing anything that can lead me to practice my own real identity.

I have to end this writing in here. Mi mind goes blank. I might write more later tonight or tomorrow.

Thank you



3 thoughts on “Mayor goal; Beliefs . Minor goal; self disciple

  1. Yay buddy! Congrats on your first post!

    Glad you were up for sharing what was going on with work and the question if there’s something bigger out there for you.

    Are you comfortable describing what the emotional pressure is that you’re dealing with?

    How might playing guitar help you relax while your mind works through it?


  2. I love how open you arc with what you’re going through.

    Have you thought about calling someone to work through this stuff when it comes up? Maybe your buddy? An entire week analyzing all this stuff alone — I’m just not sure how productive that can be (and listen I do this all the time–try to figure it all out alone).


  3. Hi I just met you the other night. I love your openness of what you are going through. I look forward to learning about your discovery of your real identity. We are here to support each other in this process as we work through things that are coming up for us. In this upcoming week is there another way you can reframe the work you will do towards your goals or the discovery process possibly being curious as to what you will find?


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