Hadar – Week 1…distracted

Week 1 finds me distracted and waiting to start working on parts of my PSP. I also want to avoid culpability by claiming I’m that absorbed with: the constant Jewish holidays, the constant travel, the feeling unsettled as I’m not home, and more just so I don’t have to look at what’s going on internally. 

That said, on Wednesday of last week I was thinking of how I want to be in action on my goals and I couldn’t remember the steps I identified to hold myself accountable. I thought about the goals and considered what might support me, and then surprised myself when I found those same items on my PSP. #OyVey #NotTunedIn 

With that, let’s turn to my goals:

  1. Focus on clear & effective communication
  2. Be kind, considerate, and generous


1. One of the big areas for communication was with my supervisor. I met with him to take ownership over the issues and identified 3 reasons (I forget/don’t have time/don’t think to share), and committed to sending an end-of-day email to catch him up on my day, as well as shifting to take ownership over my areas. Finally, I requested to sign up for a class on business writing (thanks Scott for the idea!). 

Up next: follow through on the email, sign up for the class and plan first article. 

Feel free to skip this next ‘story’:

I appreciated the feedback from those who felt I do communicate well and wonder if I’m circumstantial: good in many areas, but need improvement at work.

My supervisor demands a more frequent and different style of communication than I’m used to. I’ve struggled with adjusting to his preferences and it’s shown up on & off throughout he last 2.5 yrs. He has at times told me that I don’t need to share as much with him, and then complained when I lessened my sharing after he gave permission. That said, I am being nominated for a promotion at work so it’s not all bad. Although I am just looking to tweak and improve further. 


2. I’ve feel like I’ve barely been in action on my 2nd goal:

  • I’ve said my contract most mornings, and it’s starting to feel less weird saying it in the mirror.
  • Naomi pointed out a time when I could have said something more kindly. I acknowledged it, apologized, and did better when a similar opportunity arose. 
  • I’ve also noticed when I overheard someone else being really polite and hoping that means I’m growing sensitive to it around me as a step toward integrating it. 

As my buddy just pointed out, I have a lot of social time over the upcoming holiday to compliment people and be considerate, so that is what I declare for the next 2 days. 



One thought on “Hadar – Week 1…distracted

  1. Love this: taking responsibility for your communication at work in an empowered way also ties in with communicating kindly (at least in my experience). I think your action steps around taking a class and sending end of day email might be really helpful.

    Being away from home/holidays/entertaining is disorienting. Feeling similarly. Guess we need to refocus.



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