Music Dominates Week One

OK, so here I am writing my first blog for the new cycle. It feels so foreign, almost like I haven’t done it in years. It was a week of mixed production as I made great progress towards my musical goal but very little on the home purge and decorating front.

Although I have been searching for decorating ideas, and like several, I’ve been struggling with pulling the trigger on making any moves. Some of it has to do with the battle of “How much is too much to spend on an apartment?” I’ve seen some amazing removable wallpaper for my living room but it could cost me upwards of $700. Then I go back to “I’ll just paint a wall or two a darker color but that just seems so boring to me. Today I chose to relax and unwind after working all week in New York City, including Saturday. It was easy to justify as I am leaving tomorrow for Montreal and will be gone for several days. Of course, I could have been purging my closet and other hidden areas of the apartment but, as I just stated, I chose comfort. I don’t feel bad about my choice but I am aware that, in choosing comfort, I would sacrifice being productive, at least towards one of my goals.

Beside going out and getting a much needed massage, my relaxing included a great deal of playing guitar. Last week before leaving for Chicago I purchased my second guitar. This would be the one that I take with me when I travel. I must say that I am very happy for making this decision. I played it every day I went away and made tremendous progress towards playing “Movement Is Life” on my new instrument. I had initially planned to have my guitar instructor teach or show me how to play it. Then I thought, “It shouldn’t be that difficult, it’s only 3 chords!” One night, while in Chicago, I picked up my guitar and began figuring out how to play it. At first it didn’t sound right but then I realized that I’m not playing a ukulele so of course it’s going to sound different. Once week later and the chords have begun to flow. Today while playing, I realized I didn’t like the version of the F-chord I was playing. My instructor had simplified it for me as I was initially struggling with it the last several weeks. I gave it a shot once more and I appeared to be playing it better than before. It’s slightly more complicated and the transition isn’t there but it just sounded much better. The choice was made! I was so excited this week about the progress I had made that I started experimenting with other songs I knew on ukulele that use the same chord progression.

In closing, I know I am following the right path with my music. I brought my ukulele with me to the trade show I was working and played it all day long. One time I was even recorded by as I played the “Lava Song”. While taking a break in our VIP section I was asked to play a popular song by one of my customers. As I began to play “Lean On Me”, she started singing, and sang it beautifully. She thanked me for making her day. Isn’t that what life’s all about?


2 thoughts on “Music Dominates Week One

  1. *love the music progress*
    Notice that your delving into the music feels fun and interesting and joyful. You bought a guitar, that would feel like a big decision to some, but you did it. Listen to your instincts: you don’t want to spend a lot of money on something for an apartment (I read here “not an investment, can’t take with me”) so how about a large art piece from a university student? You get to support their start, get a cool, original piece of work, and take it with you. Instead of painting one wall a boring color, why not invite all of us over to create a “sunset” wall with beautiful fiery colors? Great story and happy memories to go with it. How about buying a gorgeous retro sign from a defunct store? YOU ARE SUPER FANTASTIC. Your apartment should be more than mediocre.


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