This is the Integrity Stuff Right?

I’m learning that diligent and gentle self-care (my major goal) more than a goal is an intention, a life style. I got sick at the beginning of the week and quickly realized that the structure I made for my goal would be contradictory to me taking care of myself while being sick. Alas, it is not the doing, it is the being.

I took a spa day on Friday and went to hot springs up in the mountains. It was one of the most beautiful an amazing experiences I’ve ever had. I got to be naked while hiking and in the hotsprings overlooking a valley watching the sun set sharing cosmological conversations with good vibing peeps. THAT is how I want to live most days of my life. Until then, I will take it whenever I can. I’m working on creating little pockets of time throughout my day for self-care. For example, yesterday I was busy all day. I was exhausted but had to work on HW. I was going to rush home, but on my way caught a beautiful tea house and stopped by. I allowed myself to enjoy the place, the tea, and a book for a whole hour! Oh gee. And I felt soo soo much better afterwards. The truth is, and I know this, or at least I know this intellectually and working on really knowing it in my body, that when I take care of myself and I am well, everything else, HW, work, relationships are better. This is the integrity stuff right? When I am out of integrity with myself nothing works. So here’s to keeping in integrity with myself by taking care of myself.

Last week I also meal planned and had a morning routine and night ritual most days of the week. Days that I skipped were due to me being sick and I’m ok with that because I was taking care of myself in other ways.

Money goal-

I spoke to my aunt about setting up coaching calls and bought a book she recommended “The Biology of Belief.” I went over my budget last week. Interesting how I am much less excited to write about this goal. Money is so sticky for me. I will continue to explore this.



2 thoughts on “This is the Integrity Stuff Right?

  1. 44444

    Money energy is connected to self care.

    Glad you had that amazing experience in the mountains. Love you.


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