Stats week 2 

That title is BORING to me. 

Today i am subbing in a  4th grade classroom.  i am a great teacher sometimes, but today i’m tired and the kids are talking incessantly.  teaching recently, i keep noting the behavior patterns that we learn about in rhe work, and how quickly these children are looking for validation and belonging, or needing to be right, or looking for attention by acting out.  it blows my mind.

As far as my goals, i’m not where i want to be.   i haven’t been sleeping the last two nights due to anxiety (which is a total excuse because i wasn’t working toward my goals before that!!!) 

Ok, yesterday and today i worked out, but did not meditate.  i talked to my parnter about spending $$ on a grant writing class, and we agreed it was a good idea, so i am moving forward with that. I really want to and need to step it up though, and i am committed to making that happen tonight (first time in 2 weeks i am home without houseguests). 

As far as networking and job searching goes, i had a great networking connection this week with a potential job opening, but i want to create more there. i recognize that i’ve lost some momentum lately, and i think it has to do with beliefs about getting a job. jason and i want to do travel medicine when he finishes his fellowship (July 2018) and i don’t want to sacrifice that dream, but i also think its stupid to work somewhere for less than 2 years.  which i’ve just identified, and decided to release for a more empowered belief. 

Thanks for reading!


One thought on “Stats week 2 

  1. “its stupid to work somewhere for less than 2 years”

    How is objective is this?
    What are the criteria under which that is true or false?
    What is the value of work for its own sake?
    What are the benefits of working anytime you can?

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