Week 2 – Progress!

  • PMajor goal: new job
  • Minor goal: health and fitness

I’ve gone jogging once, just once, since my last posting.  I’m finding some resistance to getting out in the cold, brisk and running around my neighborhood.  On the other hand, I’ve been very consistent about getting my daily planks and crunches in.  Hoo-ah!  Oh and still gotta look into Brooklyn Boulders packages.

I’m discovering that my next challenge is going to bed earlier.  Don’t like going to bed but don’t like getting up even more.  However, I really do like getting in 8-plus hours of sleep. Ahhhh…

Completed my 6-day regimen of steroids.  Don’t feel significantly any different, maybe a little more relaxed/loose.  Placebo effect?  Also started my 21-day subattraction hypnosis program and I’m definitely feeling more calm these past few days.

Applied to 2-3 jobs.  Emailed a couple of recruiters and spoke to one on the phone.  Posted resume on Indeed, Hired and Ladders.  Getting a little more clear about what I’m looking for.  Had a good conversation with my neighbor about industry certifications.

And that concludes my second entry.  Have an amazing weekend everyone!


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