Hadar, week 2 disappointing

How much by when for Communication – 

  • Draft 1 article to blog – NOT DONE
  • Speak with my supervisor – DONE!
  • Start a tweeting – INCONSISTENT
  • Post “Bottom line” – NOT DONE
  • Contact system; email/talk w 10 friend – ½ way – (no system but connected w 3 friends)

How much by when for kind/generous – 

  • Daily meditation + contract  – ½ way
  • Develop a list + a conversation re: frustrating traits & action steps – NOT DONE
  • Compliment challenge – ½ way
  • Consideration challenge – ½ way

In short, I’m doing a lousy job of being clues into my PSP and being in action. No excuses, I’m simply not paying attention to the things I said I cared about. 

On the other hand, I got some great news from work this week, reinforcing my feelings that I’ve been getting better in all aspects of the work. 

Expect a big week!!


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