Week 2

This week has been terrible. My shoulder been bothering me for the past two weeks , I’m having a terrible ligament, tendon and bone pain.  It’s affecting me while I’m sleeping, so hard to get some sleep with this annoying pain. Yes I take some pills to avoid the pain but so far it’s not working. Looking for way to see a doctor.

 In the other hand I’m planing to manage the way I’m using my cellphone. So far it’s been the main distraction that takes me a lot of time to focus in my goals. I always find the excuse to be distracted, once that happen I grab my phone and start doing things are not serving me.

This week I’ll be Turning off my cellphone at 9pm or have 20 minutes to check it.

I schedule a guitar class this Monday. And I have been practicing 30 to 1 hr everyday. I feel happy about my intention and the courage to gradually work in my discipline. Even I get impatient sometime  and discourage.

 I haven’t do any work In my second goal; probably because I was trying to do it alone. Since Kyla mention me to find a buddy to work with. I got so resistance about it. I reach some friends and I ask if they willing to support me and some of them are very busy wich they were honest can’t support me in this moment. These are the people I was not very resistance to ask. So I had to keep asking. So I’ll be working with this person starting not late than Thursday. My feeling is to start working ASAP because I’m finding myself that can’t control my emotions. I just to be so great controlling me emotions and now in so sensitive, fragile, or just I became so emotional person. 

I’m leaving the town next Thursday and I’ll come back on Sunday night. I’m not sure if I’ll have signal otherwise I’ll be posting on Thursday or Sunday night.

Thank You for reading and for been amazing people, I feel so supported.


2 thoughts on “Week 2

  1. Erlin, you can call me if you want. Or Jimmy (my husband) if you’d rather speak with a man (he’s also a very good coach, especially with regard to managing emotions). He may not be able to support you every week, but I think he’d be happy to talk through with you where you’re at right now. Who is your buddy in PSPLife? Have you been having weekly calls with them?

    I’m sorry to hear about your physical pain, that must be hard. I hope you can see a doctor soon. In the meantime, go easy on yourself!

    And I’m glad to see you making progress on your guitar goal. Nothing more therapeutic than music.

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  2. Buddy – Feel better and take care of your health first…Good health makes you feel good emotionally also. Tangled thoughts could be a sign of overwhelming, my old method was self-help with combined new method of sharing with others. Reading and meditation both helps with healing, for you music certainly helps too. Find something you enjoy doing where you could release any negative emotions and control your well-being with balance.


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