VT: Making good

I spent my birthday in California with dear dear good friends of mine and it was amazing. Albeit my stomach hurt most of the time due to over-eating, I was also just so struck with how much love and gratitude I had for my friends. I felt like I was really being looked after and taken care of. Such a surprise and a boost for me because I rarely feel like I get to kick back and relax.

Since everything with the whole roomie debacle, I haven’t been paying too much attention to the goals I set out this cycle. But I will say that it is top of my mind.

It’s worked itself out in smaller ways, I’m using social media more to connect versus entertain. I just took the notorious apps off of my home screen and disengaged notifications which has made a HUGE difference. The constant blinking light or tinkling noise no longer beckons me. Just paid off my library dues.

I’m not going to block myself on social media because it’s useful. What I will continue to do is limit my usage to those where I am reaching out to others or posting something of value.

I’m making my list of purchases tonight before I go to bed. I’m excited to slowly amassing things that I need and thoughtfully doing so in such a way that I’ll have these things for a long time.

I don’t think it’s shallow to have a relationship with your possessions anymore. And I now realize that my attitude towards not putting any value into my purchases has made my relationship with money itself suffer.

Well that’s a revelation!

That’s all for tonight folks. Much love! xoxoxo




2 thoughts on “VT: Making good

  1. You do sounds healthy; you sound like you’re noticing, enjoying, choosing. I think that often in life, its the slow and steady progress that sticks. Happy to hear you are creating a relationship with the material world that mirrors your values and reflects you in the world! You are an enduring, classic woman, and now your “stuff” will be too!


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