Yo Dude! Are you listening to me…?

My inner voice is alive and well.  There is this girl “L”(I told you about her last week) who I went on two dates with in which my intuition / inner voice was telling me to move on.  After some texting and talking for some time I decided to go out with L one more time. My inner voice was like.. “are you sure that you want to do this?” Sure enough, when I met L last night my inner voice was screaming “Dude! I told you so!”  Anyway, today I communicated with L that I do not feel the chemistry and connection.  Today I was less hesitant to express this than last week.  Actually, I don’t regret my decision to go on a third date with L. Although my intuition was pretty accurate early on.

The new business relationship has been moving accordingly.  There are still some concerns as my intuition is telling me to proceed with caution.  I have nothing  to lose at this moment as its essential to work together and evaluate how this will work.  I do sometimes feel stuck between two different group.  I am going to give it some time to work together.  This is particularly as there will be a tradeshow during the week of November 14th in which both groups that I am working with will be attending.  They both expect me to play an active role for them. At this moment  it’s important to communicate and be honest.  It’s also essential to develop business.  I also think that things will become clearer during the week of the show.  Sometimes my inner voice is telling me that being pulled in two directions is not serving me in the best way.  I intend to find the best combination.

Thanks to Julie’s influence I am participating the Meditation Challenge. I also acknowledge Brand Mon and EP for keeping on top of me to do something related to this goal.  I have listened to the first two days and I felt like the lessons are related to what we learned in Advanced Ed.  The first two days spoke about relationships and that relationships start from within. Intention is very important too. As I did not go to the gym in the morning I was a little antsy but the meditation helped me to get grounded. My mind wandered a bit during the meditation but overall I was able to refocus.  I figure that this is a good start and will meditate everyday for the duration of the 21 day series.

My friend also encouraged me to listen to Jason Stephenson as he has good meditation related to sleep.  I don’t usually have trouble falling asleep but sometimes I wake up early. For example today I woke up at around 4:00 AM today and could not fall asleep.  I am going to try the following mediation instead of rushing to check my phone.  Jason Stephenson

Back to the gym part.  As it is getting colder, some of the outdoor classes that I like to take including outdoor bootcamp will no longer be offered as it gets colder.  Honestly high intensity classes with good energy really motivates me to get up and work out.  I get to find some new classes that will inspire us.  Tomorrow morning I am taking an outdoor bootcamp class should anyone want to join me.

Happy Tuesday everyone!!






One thought on “Yo Dude! Are you listening to me…?

  1. Dude,

    That is great news that you are listening to your inner voice in dating. Your analyzing side is kicking in, but as you continue to listen and see your inner voice is correct it will be easier to trust it in the future. Plus you are making great progress towards finding that someone special by focusing on it and removing distractions.

    Keep up the awesome work!


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