[PM] Week 3 – More progress

Busy busy week.  I’m writing this entry late Wed night.  Worked on my resume this evening.  Going to finish this post so I can shower, go to bed, wake up early and scope out a school for next training. Yay!

Since last posting I’ve talked to a recruiter and 2 friends.  Got some feedback, updated my resume and sent out latest version.  I’m short on the 12 friends I declared by this date, so I’ll need to keep making calls for next few weeks.

I’ve exceeded my own expectations for crunches (now at 80) and on track with my plank challenge (now at 75 seconds).  Haven’t gone jogging once though and I didn’t yet sign up for Brooklyn Boulders.

In all, good progress with definite room for improvement.  Signing off, until next week.



One thought on “[PM] Week 3 – More progress

  1. What type of feedback did you get on your resume? Did you agree with the feedback? Good job on the crunches and planks.


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