Steady progress. Nothing Fancy. Just flow.

What is working: I have been studying daily and I have 2 ideas for my new blog post so I am making progress in those 2 areas of my by whens. Yay go me!

A friend shared with me a TED talk where it talks about making your space where you write sacred.  “Creative Play” space should be seprate from where you work and be filled with inspiring things. Well, for those of you that have seen my apt it is a studio with a transforming table serving as my table, desk, work area etc. I got creative for my writing time and decided to pull my vision board off the window and set it as a “tablecloth” when I write or brainstorm. So far so good, I already feel more relaxed when I sit to write.

What has not been working: ignoring my second goal of taking on a project to create some extra income. I have been so focused on my first goals and frankly not excited about my second goal which is why I framed it in a fun play type context. Going forward what I will do differently is in the upcoming week is to spend one full day on my second goal instead of 30 min or less here or there at the end of the day when I am spent.

I have been doing a lot of reading, meditating and podcast on various areas that have made me feel at peace this past week. The readings combined with the support from the team have made me feel like I am in a flow and not be in handling a crisis mode (for most days)

Steady, not fancy, just flow for me this week.




One thought on “Steady progress. Nothing Fancy. Just flow.

  1. I know you have a lot going on and was impressed on how you re-focused your commitments to make it work for you this weekend!! I am inspired on how you can make cool adjustments in your apartment to complement what you are doing! I am taking notes for sure. I am curious about your second goal .. I know that you are not as passionate about this one. Looking forward to reading the blog post!


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