Inspiration Captains Really Work

Early this week, as our new Inspiration captain took over the reins, something was about to shift. We were asked “What can you do in this next hour?”. Well, an hour later I had hung three pictures on the wall, one in the hallway and two in the bedroom. While I hadn’t put too much thought to it, the rest of the team was excited by the progress I had made. As it turns out, that ended up being the catylist for something much bigger. First, I made a conscious decision to paint two wall in my bedroom a deep gold color. While I haven’t done that yet, it was the first time I made a clear decision as to what I wanted. That, in turn, spawned another action; I reached out to a vendor on Etsy, inquiring about a wallpaper I had fallen in love with. It was a little more than I had wanted to spend, but after several messages going back and forth, she offered me a very generous discount, plus free shipping! Just a few minutes ago I ordered the wallpaper which should arrive in roughly a weeks time. For the first time I’m really excited about my apartment and how cool it will be to entertain or even just hang out on my own. While I still have a ways to go, this is a gigantic step in the right direction, all sprouted from some inspiring words.

As I continue to practice my song on guitar, I’ve also added bits and pieces of other songs to the mix. That F-chord is still a bit challenging but the progress I see has me staying focused on the task at hand. I’m gaining more and more confidence in myself, especially as I come across people on my trips that ask me about playing guitar. I tell them, it’s more about refining a skill than it is talent. I continue telling them how I had many limiting beliefs about playing the ukulele but continue to dispel each one of them. It really is all about putting in the practice time, it’s that simple.

Today I had my long awaited Bumble date. We have been communicating for about 6 weeks but between our two schedules we were unable to set something up until today. I was experiencing so many thoughts and emotions leading up to our brunch date. Thanks to my buddy, I got clear as to what I would create on the date. As our brunch winded down, she offered to walk with me to the bus terminal. We chatted a few minutes while waiting for her bus and I even received a few pecks on the lips. I left with a great feeling and headed home on my bus. When I let her know I made it home she thanked me for coming into the city on such a crazy day, (the nyc marathon), and taking her to brunch. We didn’t chat much after that, as she met up with one of her friends in the afternoon. She seems like a wonderful person, one who is positive and lives in the moment. Stay tuned, it looks like a pretty good match. 🙂

Good night and thank you all for your amazing support!


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