I’m Meditating

I am participating in the 21 Day Meditation that some fellow PSP Lifers are doing. Honestly it has been really good.  I do have to admit that I am not always doing the exercises in silence and I know that this is not the ideal way. The best results occur when I come back from the gym and meditate before starting work.   A lot of the topics have been very related to things we learned in Basic, Advanced and LP.  A lot of the exercises begin from focusing on myself from the inside.  I also like how some of the topics focus on connecting with others.  I have also listened to a few of the meditations while driving.  Although I am not closing my eyes while driving (I promise), I am still concentrating and breathing. These exercises have made me relax.  Lessons learned, I definitely get to do more meditating and pursue other ways to step back and relax.  This will definitely help me to focus.  Simple breathing exercises are helpful too.  This exercise has brought some awareness to me.  Coincidentally,  an old co-worker who introduced me to Dharma Yoga about 5 years back recently wrote me an email to say hello.  She has been living at some Yoga temple in North Carolina for some years.  She recently left this place. I plan to reach out to her for support.

As I watch the election results there is so much going through my head right now in regards to trusting my instinct.  What I can say is that I am glad that I voted with an absentee ballot. I got the chance to learn about the local candidates who do not get a lot of attention.  I scoured through NY1, Newspapers and Social Media to find debates and information on the local candidates.. I definitely used my educated instinct to vote.









One thought on “I’m Meditating

  1. interesting that you start meditating and your old co- worker affiliated with the practice emails you! what will it bring, universe?


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