Takeaways from 11.9

The election results rattled me for many reasons. One theme that emerged is related to my major goal, so I will share only that information. I apologize in advance if it offends or triggers anyone who doesn’t share my political beliefs.

For myself, my friends, family and colleagues this has been nothing short of a trauma. Upon realizing this, I immediately starting to think about ways that I can help repair the situation, and help people heal. For me, my career has always been a reflection of my values and the opportunity to change the world. How I responded to this situation was a direct reflection of my career aspirations.

If this had occurred a few years ago I would have tried to work for, or volunteer for, a non-profit organization that either looked at root causes of the issues, helped create change or or spread education and awareness about politics and gender issues. Today, I didn’t even think about that.

These days I organically think about two alternative methods of healing – to either gather a group (like a work group) to discuss the issues or to work one-on-one with people to listen to their feelings. I thought through best practices for both and was genuinely curious to hear from people. Today made me realize that my professional interests have changed over the past 10 years. I no longer want to run the kind of programs and events that I once did for non-profit organizations nor do I find them as meaningful or effective as I once did. My shift in career aspirations is directly related to the emotional journey I have been on these past few years.

I still don’t know what I want going forward but today was a nice data point on which I can reflect.

This information makes me feel even worse about struggling with my other goal. My second goal is to improve my professional dynamics which is motivated by a desire to have my actions align with my vision for how I want to treat people and to improve my work environment for all. I am struggling to muster up sympathy and empathy. Instead, I experience a lot of impatience, resistance, and judgement. No one wins.



2 thoughts on “Takeaways from 11.9

  1. Hi Love,

    I really appreciate how self aware you are. There is so much insight into your growth, interests, and personal beliefs, etc. in this post. I think we culturally struggle with compassion and empathy around certain political/social beliefs, but your awareness makes all the difference. Don’t be frustrated with yourself. You’re growing every day. You have an opportunity every day to ask questions instead of assuming. Ask questions instead of judging, seek understanding and compassion instead of… whatever comes up. You are a bright light. Love you.


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