Kyla Stats (early)

Uncharacteristically short blog post.  Between increasing doctor appointments, family drama, my baby shower this Saturday, my mom in town, and a somehow accelerating work schedule I have no time (story?).  So let’s get to it.

Goal 1:  maternity money (this doesn’t sound right)

-Security deposit, retrieved!  Thanks to the firm yet diplomatic Jim Grant.  What I’m about to say is a step back for women everywhere, but, sometimes you need a man.  Added to the fund:  $2350.  Feels good.

-Savings:  another $1000.

-Goal got reached for the cycle <.  But–in my recent money management journey, I’ve come to discover I often fail to plan for contingencies (and some I cannot plan for).  So I can’t stop or relax.  Next week I’m going to reset and develop a plan to super save in Nov/Dec.

Goal 2:  what was goal 2 again..?

Yeah.  Uh oh.  The shower will solve ALL, worry not!

In other news I’m (now) having a McDonald’s crispy chicken sandwich and Diet Coke.  Two things I should not have.

Whew, feels good to get that off my chest.

That’s all, wish me luck with the fam(s) this weekend (mine and Jimmy’s…ugh…I mean, yay)!




One thought on “Kyla Stats (early)

  1. Yay! Thats amazing, way to get the $$$ back from the deposit. Do you have some ideas for ways to save in Nov/Dec? Can Jimmy help with making lunches for work? How is budgeting going? Do you need/want support here?

    Family time is special, isn’t it? My wish for you is that for every awkward or weird comment, someone touches your heart. I hope at the end of this weekend, you feel absolutely marinated in the love that your families feel for you, and the joy they have for your happiness. I hope you get to glimpse for a few minutes how loved you and Jimmy and the babies are (I wanted to say girls. Not sure why. premonition? My own desire to have daughters? The feminization of fetuses everywhere? I kid, I kid).



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