“Each of us has our power to choose our path…. It is a beautiful and fragile gift and we should treat it this way.”

Goal 1: Work on my fitness travel persona

By whens goal 1:

  • I have been studying this week. One article or video a day. I grade myself a C on this I could do up this to 3 articles or videos a day this upcoming week.
  • I spent a night creating with Thomas some video clips of me exercising in Peru to his “Movement is Life” song.
  • I started writing a fitness article comparing my experience competing and going to the Crossfit Games to the Crossfit Games I went to last year. A world of change. Imagine dirt ranch in 09 to Stadium in LA in 2016….
  • I am meeting with a coach today to discuss setting up a possible trip to Columbia for a CF compeition
  • I have not budgeted or looked at a trip (well besides my next possible trip to Texas this mth) but I still have a few days till the 15th 😉


Goal 2: Take on a new project. I spent a day working in this area getting my finances together and I got the exciting news that I will be starting the closing process for my apt soon. Now, I have extra motivation to make some extra cash. This also brings on extra work as I am making the decision to represent myself in closing. I went to the law library in the courthouse ,where I used to have most of my trials, to look up real estate transactions practice books and forms. It felt a bit nostalgic. Who really reads hard books anymore? It smelt just like an old library did in lawschool to funny. Anyways, I am thinking this will be a fun, scary and exciting opportunity for me that I have been working towards for the last year.

By when’s goal 2:

  • I looked at linked in and saved a job posting to apply for
  • I discussed and brainstormed options with a friend for what I can do to get my money maker in action


Biggest Win This week: My being is off the hook. I am going with the flow, chill, meditating and just looking at things differently and feeling connected and present. (of course this lead to my heart being deeply affected on Wed and still as I feel connected to everyone on a high level). The thing I keep coming back to that moves me forward is what Obama said on Election night in one of his speeches, “Each of us has our power to choose our path…… It is a beautiful and fragile gift and we should treat it this way.”

Biggest Lesson Learned: I am still feeling comfortable or more accurately shall I say I am not feeling uncomfortable (except for me rethinking if I want to by my apt now that I got what I wanted a contract in my hand…) that means there is still room for me to stretch.

Support I am requesting: Push me to stretch!

With love see ya next week



One thought on ““Each of us has our power to choose our path…. It is a beautiful and fragile gift and we should treat it this way.”

  1. You are on Fire, Brandy. I am so excited for you, and can’t wait to watch the video that you and Thomas worked on. Super excited that you have an opportunity to buy a place! Seems like a lot is in motion for you right now, and you are in an empowered place. As far as fitness travel, where would you want to go if you could go anywhere? Have you done a NY travel fitness blog? That would be travel for a lot of people, and it would be an inexpensive “trip” for you right now, while you’re focused on making cash money for the apt. Congrats and good luck, lady.


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