What to say…

Cheers from Somerset NJ USA!  I am sitting in the lobby of the hotel as I know if I stay in my room I will not concentrate in writing my blog.  The Trade Show is going well as I am meeting some current customers and getting leads and discovering new opportunities, etc.  I am in my element.. I enjoy getting people’s attention as they walk by my booth and engage them in conversation.  I enjoy the experience in connecting with people.  I try my best.  Anyone who walks by my booth is fair game. I  think of almost anything to speak with someone and be as sincere as possible like — “Hey I recently visited your company?”  “Did you find what you are looking for”?  “What brings you to the tradeshow?” “Do you know this person?” I also like visiting other booths as there is always potential for joint opportunities.

I am representing my main vendors at one booth  and the joint venture company is located right across. The location worked out well as I can pay attention to both companies.  There is a representative from the joint venture company as well.

Although I am not acting like this in front of both representatives I do feel torn between the two opportunities.  Right now both companies are relying on me  a bit as I am technically hosting both of them.  Dinner is quite interesting.  My main vendor is super technical and is jet lagged as he came in from Japan on Sunday.  Additionally he does not speak English very well and is extremely introverted.  The other gentleman from the joint venture company is very outspoken and does not stop talking.  I am doing my best to piece both together.

Although I am doing my best to be the best I can be, I do feel a bit torn.  At least this is my story.  My goal is to build my company and to maintain my independence but the potential opportunities with the joint venture companies and their products makes it a little easier to earn more revenue in a shorter period of time.  I am learning I will be fine without the joint venture company but it will take more time and there will be some stress caused by the breakup.  This is a bit of a story but there will be some disappointment and the industry is quite small.  This could all be a story as well.

I will have some alone time with my main vendor as we are traveling together to customers on Thursday and Friday.  I intend to be open and honest with him about how to build our businesses here in the US.

I have received some great  encouragement from  BranMon and EP to meditate; however, I have given very little effort to effectively meditate mainly not taking the time to do so.  I am pretty good with getting to the gym, etc.  However, for some reason I have not created the 20 – 30 minutes to meditate.  I know it helps me! I never regret meditating but yet I get wrapped in my own world.  I have been reading and hearing a lot from others about self care.  Honestly, when I first heard this word I was like “what the heck is this”?  I am aware that this is extremely important but I don’t always believe that I need this “Self Care.”  I am committed to doing more of this.  I am committed to meditating every day moving forward till the end of the cycle as I  know that it benefits me as it allows me to focus and relax.



One thought on “What to say…

  1. i love all your updates as it is so interesting to hear about your businesses. it does leave me with wanting more though. i want to know what your intuition is saying as this is something you are trying to actively listen to. i want to know what being your best means to you since your brought that up above. maybe the self care component can help you connect to the being.


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