Integrity – Tall and Sour

In the interest of integrity, I will make this short and sweet.


Rewiring my brain and practicing self-love.  I continue with my morning and night affirmations.  I also monitor my thoughts throughout the day and try to shift quickly.  Still an uphill battle and progress is tough to quantify, but feels good to be engaged.

Integrity at work – I have been making some progress on this front.  Proud of myself for getting through a presentation on Friday sans panic attack.  Spent a bunch of time getting organized thanks to an audit of my files, and have been accepting more work so things have been hectic.

Hitting the sack.  Be back soon.



One thought on “Integrity – Tall and Sour

  1. Do you think point one has impact on point two?

    Either way – super impressed!! I hope you are giving yourself adequate credit.


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