[PM] W5 Nov 15 Checkpoint – Crazy week

Just 2 more weeks left.  It’s been a crazy week.  Got some really bad news in the family; disappointing to say the least. Getting busier at work.

There has been some good progress.  Took some practice tests online.  Talked to 2 more recruiters.  A friend forwarded my resume to her CIO.  My neighbor gifted me a CISSP box set so now I have more study material.  Just need to register to take my first exam.  It’s been a little slow going but it’s going.

I’ve had less progress on my fitness.  I wasn’t consistent and in fact skipped some days in a row.  So starting tonite I need to get back on track.  The good news is my migraines have let up somewhat so there is the silver lining.

Health and fitness: Spotty.  Room for improvement.

Job Search: Good work here.  Just need to keep up the pace here.


One thought on “[PM] W5 Nov 15 Checkpoint – Crazy week

  1. Very cool with the job searching as you seem to be in action. Anyway we can support you with the fitness goals?


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