Search for the good in the sea of hard

With thanks to my amazing buddy Vanessa, I am going to ‘search for the good in the sea of hard,’ both in life and in this blog post. I was ready to jump into my overwhelm and stress yet again, and am grateful for the ability to shift. Thanks V for your groundedness and amazing listening abilities.

Truth is, SO MANY good things happened this week, once I started thinking about them:

  • We attended the wedding of a longtime friend and it was amazing to see her so happy!
  • We got to travel to DC for a conference and network with lots of friends and good people
  • I had many good work meetings at the conference and had several conversations with people who want to hire me or work with me in some way
  • I am getting SO EXCITED when talking about my next work opportunity, which is making this current phase a bit more bearable
  • We were lucky enough to be able to find a fertility clinic in DC since I had to get monitored, so I didn’t have to leave the conference a day early
  • I am SO LUCKY to have Hadar’s steady hand and temperament giving me my daily shots – he is brave for me. I am even lucky to have had a release of a few teary breakdowns this week with particularly painful shots – because I let out some of the pain
  • Things are progressing and I should be done with phase 1 of 2 of IVF by Tuesday latest – and then there’s a month break
  • I got to catch up with a good friend last night who lives in Israel and who has put in so much work over the years at maintaining our friendship
  • The other merger partners and I spoke on a panel yesterday at yet another conference and got great feedback. My friend texted me during the panel: “You were excellent. Polished, smart, funny – you nailed it.”
  • It’s amazing how good and light I feel about the merger, probably because I’m leaving
  • Despite waking up at 4:30 am today freaking out about how the work will get done once I transition, we had some good movement today on a board call about the transition
  • Hadar reminded me that once I finish full time and move to part time, it’s not my job to worry about this. I hear him and almost agree with him – I’m getting there.
  • Other than a 7 am dr’s appt tomorrow and a coffee date, I have a relatively free day (gotta take advantage of our no-work Fridays while I can)
  • Though Trump and his leadership are getting worse not better, he’s starting to back down on his awful promises when realizing he can’t achieve them
  • I feel like we’re in this together – so many people who feel like I do – which helps
  • I got to share that sentiment on the awesome post it wall at the Union Square station (thanks, humanity)

So, really good things. And this of course is in addition to my overall health and happiness that I know I take for granted – these are just the good moments of a week when I otherwise feel stress up to my neck.

In this coming week I will create space for self-care, with recuperation after the IVF procedure which is happening in the next few days sometime, and some downtime over Thanksgiving weekend.

(for you religious blog followers, yes I’m writing a day early. I felt the draw.)


One thought on “Search for the good in the sea of hard

  1. “Hadar reminded me that once I finish full time and move to part time, it’s not my job to worry about this. I hear him and almost agree with him – I’m getting there.”

    Yes I agree with him… It will not be your job to worry about it. Your team which you have managed so well will eventually pick up the slack. I have experienced this too either picking up things for someone and/or moving on. It may be initially sloppy or maybe not.. but it is no longer your responsibility and I am sure you will do your best during the remaining time you are there.

    You are busy as always making things happen!!


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