Was long weeeeekkkk

After a long week working over time finally went out to have a dinner with friend. We spend a great time enyojing Rame food. We talk about career, family and friendship. I Really have fun to share myself. I acces my vulnerability, honestly and loving person that I, I’m,

And today went late to bed around 3am and wake up around 9 but decided to laid in bed till 12. I went for brunch by myself and I really enjoy it. After that went home take shower and I went to union square to  see the shops.amazing time looking at these arts, talent and creativity. After that I met with my alp14. I had some amazing coaching and laught a lot.

Went home after that have diner and went to watch a boxing fight. Since I’m a boxing fan couldn’t miss that fight. I watch that fight with older people because they have a different point of view. We not only talk about boxing but also we talk about politic, domestic violence, women right and man right.

I have to admit hangin out with older people bring me experience about life, joy , fun and hope.

Thank you for reading 

Much appreciation 

Easy to write because I think I’m drunk I had 5 glass of Beer and 1 shot.

Super impressive can remember everything 

Thank you again


One thought on “Was long weeeeekkkk

  1. It seems like you are able to connect with a lot of your friends, LP, etc. This is great to get the support and the sounding board. How is the guitar practicing going? It looks like TC has been working in this area as well.


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