Blessed with So Many Friends

As this week comes to an end and Thanksgiving week approaches, I can’t help but feel so blessed for having so many amazing friends in my life. This group of Lifer’s is a big part of what has me feel so lucky. I might not have accomplished every goal I’ve set with this group but I am getting things done I wouldn’t normally have completed without your support. The goals I am completing are smaller successes that will one day be instrumental in having me reach much bigger goals throughout my life.

I’m excited about the new wallpaper that is now partially up in my apartment. I had been struggling with making a decision on what to do with this wall in my apartment. Everything from cost to wondering if it would even look good had me waffling on what to do and creating a bit of anxiety around it. Once again, some amazing friends, a group I train in martial arts with, stepped up to assist me in making it happen. After about 1/3 of the wallpaper was up I began to see how awesome it would be looking. This coming Tuesday will be the day we finish the install. I’ll be adding a mini bar and some other decor and then my living room will be ready for prime time. While the rest of the apartment still needs work, I know finishing this room will be the catalyst for getting the other rooms complete…this excites me.

I have been lacking a bit in practicing my song. It would be easy to say time was an issue but that’s really not the case. The reality is I chose my social life over practice time this week. As I re-listen to a great book called The Talent Code, I see the important of practicing daily. That doesn’t mean 5 or 10 minutes before bed either, like I’ve done many nights this week. I made amazing progress in the first several weeks but then I became complacent. I must now seek why it’s important to me to not only play this song but play guitar, then connect with that feeling and ride the wave.



2 thoughts on “Blessed with So Many Friends

  1. I like how you have been putting yourself out there and sharing about it. It is also great that you are asking / enrolling your friends to support you. Is there anyway to integrate your social life with the practicing your songs?

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  2. Your first paragraph is so wonderful, healthy and made me happy.

    I didn’t comment in the chat but I love your wallpaper. It is original and funky.

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