VT: was gonna video bUT clearly the universe wanted me to write something

Soooo. I haven’t blogged for the past two weeks. I could go into excuses, but basically I wasn’t in the headspace to write. But now I am and here we are.

Goals update:

Enrichment vs entertainment: not exactly rocking this task. Was reinvigorated today after reading an NY Times piece that specifically suggested giving up social media to work on one’side ability to focus and concentrate. After reading that, I re-deleted the apps off of my phone home screen. Vowed to read the books I got. And will take steps to keep working on that. Pretty sure my new hobby will be in the personal finance realm.

Mindful spending. Doing OK. Checking Mint. Have definitely decreased my spending in some ways. Am generally more aware of how much money I have and what it should be going  towards. Moved to a much much cheaper apt recently – excited for the changes that will yield for me mentally and financially. Interested in taking on the #nonewstuff challenge in 2017 where I stop taking part of mass consumerism and again- put more thought into purchases.

Hope for Thanksgiving.  Feeling grateful for always feeling at home when I am home. It’s like seeing a sweet and dear old friend and picking up where we left off. I am so happy that I get to have this for myself and get to continue to build on the relationships that matter to me.




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