Hello from Rincon, Puerto Rico,

Team I want to thank you all. I have really felt a shift in my being this cycle my description of this is #flow.  This was not one of my goals but it is truly bigger than my goals and has helped me achieve and deal with challenges that have come up towards my goals. This has had such a huge impact on me I could take up 10 pages describing all the ways.  Here is a drive by list: 1) had my masterplan schedule thrown off by covering for an employee at the last minute- no hulking out 2) took my Dad to ER -created connection instead of emergency 3) have been connecting and getting in touch with my creative side and having deeper conversations about “being” with a new friend 4) successfully managed my Dad’s medication and pick up schedule while I traveled 5) sat through yoga poses in complete surrender almost falling asleep vs counting every second until we would do something new 6) morning ritual extended 7) created a win win with my being able to travel and also able to see my Dad. I got the be in” be, do have” down right now.

Goal 1: Travel Fitness persona. I joined forces with Thomas to create my video, “Movement is Life”. I have drafted an outline and notes for my next fitness article. I took on a new trip this weekend in Puerto Rico annnd I have the opportunity to go to Argentina next month.  I have been studying consistently and picked a date of Dec 15th to take my test. So one step closer and another footstep on the path in the right direction. By the end of the cycle towards this goal I would like complete:1) to sign up online for the test 2) finish a first draft of my crossfit article 3) record some fitness travel video in Puerto Rico.

Goal 2: Make a game out of creating some extra cash. I did not do much on this goal at all until last week. I do want to acknowledge myself for my being and openess and not being tied to the income in a request I made last week to my business partner. Before my being game was on  point I would have made this a demand and my come from would have been from scarcity. Instead I made a request or as we like to call it enrolled him in an option not tied to the outcome. In the near future I will start coaching some additional classes to make some extra money.  Additional things, I would like to do towards this goal by the end of the cycle is to reframe my by whens and get clear on action steps to take after the cycle.

Bonus: I had given up on my Dad being my Dad. I wanted to write him off as dead in my mind so as to protect myself. I had a story that now my Dad has dementia we will never have any meaningful interactions or conversations anymore.  Well, my new story is that I have the opportunity to create moments. Will they happen when I want them to? not necessarily? can they be forced? no  Can they happen out of the blue. YES.  I called my Dad last week and we had a great meaningful conversation we connected. He did not talk about wanting to die or complain. We talked about stories from the past, about the future, about music. My Dad is not dead. My Dad gets to live!





One thought on “#flow

  1. This is so beautiful I can’t even figure out which emoji to use!!!
    Brandy, it’s amazing to read how you’ve shifted around dealing with so many parts of life and to see what you are creating from this new place!


    This is part of why I keep coming back cycle after cycle – this stuff is so powerful, I don’t want to miss it! It’s also why I find the blog so moving – here’s where we share our successes and setbacks, how we deal with those and how we show the world who we are.



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