Last stat post

Goal 1:  Achieved, but I still haven’t put in a structure going forward.  In part it’s because I feel limited; I could cook lunches for the week but half the time I don’t want to eat them.  My belly is big and uncomfortable and my energy is low, etc.  What little I’ve got has to go toward work & getting ready for babies.  I think I need to make a list of small tasks to do here–break it down and do small steps over time so it seems more manageable.

Goal 2:  I didn’t write to the babies this week, but I’ve been sitting in the nursery, singing them Disney songs, taking to Jimmy about them and we spoke of connecting to them in counseling this week.  Our counselor has been acting against her interest in telling us we really don’t need her anymore, but we think it unwise to stop until we get through the major transition of the babies arriving.

Self-evaluation for the cycle:

I acknowledge myself for never missing a blog day and for being semi-active in commenting on others’ blogs.

I acknowledge myself too for completing goal 1, and otherwise staying present to goal 2.

I acknowledge myself and my buddies for making all our calls happen, save one we agreed to skip.  Typically I struggle in this area because I hate phone calls and personal connection.  That’s a joke, but, they make me uncomfortable.

I acknowledge myself for giving my best st work, for commuting 3 hours daily with no complaint, and for still showing up to things at a time when that’s been challenging.

Things that could be better:  reaching out to folks more, challenging myself to call or to see people in person (well, maybe just call), having a better accountability structure for goal 2, and maybe addressing my overall irritability instead of letting it be.

I blame the pregnancy, but this was not a cycle where I felt very open or eager to connect with the group; it’s been more of a “let’s get this over with” cycle, causing me to question why I chose to participate in the first place.  I know why I did, though–it was to keep me focused on goal 1, maternity leave, which was too important to not seek some form of extra support.  I do appreciate this group greatly and am so glad it continues to thrive, I just didn’t have the best mindset this cycle so I wanted to acknowledge that.

What’s ahead for me is labor and child birth.  I feel a strong urge to go into hibernation mode until I’m on the other side of maternity leave, and I imagine that’s exactly what I’ll do.

I hope everyone enjoys the holiday season & look forward to connecting in 2017.  What a different world it will be for me then!



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