Thankful :)

Dear Team,

As part of my PSP, one of my goals was to spend time with Sonia.  This weekend we had a nice getaway at Bear Mountain.  We also spent time with my parents and my little brother, we had dinner for our birthdays.  His birthday was the 15th and mine the 17th.  It was nice since my parents are divorced, we do not spend much time together.  We also spent time with my sister and cut a cake for my brother and I.  My sister, my mom, my brother, Sonia and I.  It was really great!! In addition, at work I have a few promising leads from the ad campaign I recently launched.  The other great thing that is coming up for me is that being part of this group has produced a bit more urgency to be my word.  I know you are all holding me accountable and it is creating awareness for me when I am giving my word.  Also, I would like to give a big thank you to Scott, he reached out to me about my role as inspiration captain. Thank you Scott!




4 thoughts on “Thankful :)

  1. Wow – I really feel the gratitude.
    So glad you’re creating the things you want in your life.
    I know you’re up to a lot, so it’s great to see you sourcing the results you want.


  2. Yeah Juan! I am excited to be in this journey with you. What a wonderful weekend blessed with your family and loved ones!


  3. Happy Birthday. I love all this juicy stuff- the quality time with loved ones, the celebrating yourself and being celebrated, the successful ad campaign,and I love the awareness when we give our word. I am so glad you are participating AND showing up.


  4. Juan – My sentiments are the same! I am glad you are here and I am cheering for your success! When Mr. TC started in this as well I held him to a higher standard being that he was a coach of our LP.. I caught myself doing the same to you which is probably not fair. You were in complete service to us and you get stuck with these higher standard expectations. I know your abilities to shake things up in yours and other people’s lives when you show up and commit to fulfilling your goals!


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