Ready – Set – Go

Where to even begin…not gonna lie, I’m feeling pretty lost. When H.W.’s WhatsApp post said I am blogging Fridays, I was so confused. Definitely didn’t remember choosing Friday, not sure where my brain has been lately..switched myself to Sunday because I think it will be more achievable with my life. This is all a perfect example of how things have been for the past year…a confusing time warp.

So here I am, with a beautiful 3.5 month old baby girl (Mia) and an amazing husband (Garrick), figuring out how to get “back on track.” I think joining PSPLife this cycle is perfect timing. Having a baby has definitely shifted my priorities away from my personal goals and it’s time for balance. I find it so tempting to spend all my time cuddling with Mia and Garrick, but when you add that to 3 hours of pumping and my sedentary job, I am actually gaining weight post pregnancy…no bueno.

I was starting to get down on myself for not completing more of my PSP already…(based on feeling disconnected to this whole process and group)…then I read my PSP and realized I was already starting to do the things! I’m so good at criticizing myself…I think it’s time to start examining that in tonight’s meditation. I get to infuse this wellness journey with self-LOVE. Yummy.

Sending gratitude for this group of human beings. ~Nicole


One thought on “Ready – Set – Go

  1. Great way to shift!
    You’re one of the first people I think of for the idea of practicing the work out in the world and seeing how you can impact as many people as possible.
    I hear that you’re temporarily in I different mindset and adjusting to new realities, but I think this will support you in
    1. emerging even stronger
    2. with (is it possible?) greater empathy and patience, as well as
    3. an improved ability to delegate.


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