It Begins,

Week 1

Goal 1 – Improve creativity through photography

Goal 2- General health and well being

In week one I’ve packed a few things in. Thursday night I attended my first night class for photography 2. The first hour we spent going over basic settings and the second hour was spent learning how to setup a custom white balance. This is how your camera determines the correct color for white and neutral tones.

Friday I headed to Vermont for the three day weekend. I got a good work out, as the conditions were perfect on Saturday and Sunday for moguls, Monday it went back to skiing on the lovely North East ice. My legs were burning most of the day but it always makes me happy to in Vermont. Growing up my family had a vacation house there and I spent every weekend and summer there. I even lived there during the year off between sophomore and junior year in college. A running joke in my family was that they all lived in New Hampshire and I live in Vermont. I know it’s the place I will eventually return to as it always makes me depressed when I leave.

I took my camera to Vermont this weekend and spent Saturday night taking photos before dinner. The photos came out fine, but the best one I took was from my iphone pointed out the window on the drive to Killington.

I’ve been struggling with daily meditation. I tried chanting meditation on Thursday night but found it too distracting. We did not arrive in Vermont until after midnight on Friday and Saturday had a late dinner due to the crowds and I crashed out. Sunday night I meditated before bedtime and it really did help me sleep. This week I’m going to renew my commitment and meditate before I go to sleep and continue to try different methods.



3 thoughts on “It Begins,

  1. SO glad you got a chance to reconnect to your happy place! It sounds like the photography class is going well, please keep the pictures coming, this one (taken through the window?) is stunning.

    I think sometimes the baby steps into a new habit (i.e. meditation) are the ones that stick. How many days this week are you committed to meditating? Its part of my Integrity goal, so we can support one another!


  2. +1 on the photo!!

    Re: meditating – is this a new habit? If so, how are we ou approaching? If not how were previous experiences?

    What does improved creativity mean to you?


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